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10 performance:



September 5, 2021. Duration: 104 min.


Generation After 5. Showcase Nowy Teatr (Warszawa, Poland)


The tenth showing took place as part of the showcase of the Polish theater and the performance “Generations After 5”, organized by the New Theater in Warsaw.
62 people attended the performance. There were a countdown timer and video camera sequence projected on the wall. The show took on a new form. The introductory informational part was recorded in advance by a performer in English. It was launched right after the performer set the countdown timer for 60 minutes and took a kneeling pose with his forehead on the floor. When the introduction was finished (in about 10 minutes), 9 people joined the performer: 5 girls and 4 guys. At the twentieth minute, a girl lay down between the performers and the audience and kept laying in a calm sleeping position until the end of the performance. 7 people left the room (5 of them came back). The spectators have been joining the performance back and forth supporting on the stage and becoming an audience again. When those who joined were returning to their spots, new spectators were changing them, so they also can take part and the performer’s position for a while. Two girls (Karolina and Polina) who took the position at the 10th minute stood with the performer until the end.
They set the mood for the event - they sang songs and laughed often in turn to distract themselves and others from physical torment. As the performer later noted, the spirit and the strength of mind of these girls left a deep impression on him, and he once again emphasized the great importance of women's participation in the protest movement in Belarus.


Karolina Ochab, Olga Drygas

Organizers and partners:

NOWY TEATR, Generation After 5. Showcase