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September 10, 2021. Duration: 104 min.


Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival (Kutna Hora, Czech Republic)


Anastasia Vasilieva


The show took place in the space of the former mill, as part of the festival “The Kutna Hora Performing Arts Festival”. But right before it an actor and the idea author Igor Shugaleev guided a 2-days master class for 7 performers who joined him on the stage later on. The purpose of the master class Igor saw in introducing actors to the context of the Belarusian situation, giving them more detail - Igor also paid attention to bodily aspects such as the Centre of gravity of distribution, focus and attention management. The show was attended by 53 spectators (some with kids), and a dog. The performer posed with his forehead on the floor for 60 minutes. A countdown timer and video camera sequence were projected on the windows clogged with plywood. Some woman was the first person who joined the performative gesture. Then 12 more people participated - a total of 18 people joined the troupe during the performance.
One woman was holding her child and at the same time she was standing in a “stretching” position, another one, also with a child squatted in a “hands behind the head” position. The third woman also squatted was on their side, since there has been barely any space left. In about 5 minutes from the beginning, a girl approached Igor and, as a sign of support, she took his hand and the hand of the guy next to him.
Another girl came out and repeated her action, both sitting on their knees - till the end of the performance. During the performance, 8 people left the room, but two of them came back. A man, who was leaving the space, asked to stop the performance. He’s shouted “LONG LIVE BELARUS!”. Spectators and performers sang and talked quietly.
Nastya, an interpreter, also joined the gesture - she read a poem. Six of those who participated in the science, were holding positions until the end of the performance. At the end, there was a short discussion of what had happened (about 6 minutes).


Ewa Zembok

Organizers and partners:

Divadlo X10