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2 performance:

Work in progress. Second try


February 13, 2021. Duration: 101 min.


Klub Storrady (Szczecin, Poland)


Performanse artist Pawel Korbus (Lublin, Poland)


The second performance also took place within the Gravedigger House residency. Famous Polish performance artist Pawel Korbus joined it again. A short 16-minute lecture-announcement of the project was held for the only present member of the audience. Then both performers have remained for one hour in the infamous “stretching position” (guards make detained stand with their legs spread wide apart, foreheads against the wall, upper hands pressed against the wall above their heads). The sound of a ticking timer was used for the first time. During the performance, Igor Shugaleev burst into tears, against the end, Pawel Korbus started laughing hysterically. For another 25 minutes, the experience gained was discussed with the viewer. Everything was documented on two video cameras.

Selected quotes:

“... перформанс послужил триггером августовского состояния: я испытал гнев, обиду, страх от своей беспомощности в контексте протестного движения. Как ни странно, мощные по интенсивности переживания смещают фокус внимания с физических страданий и помогают выстоять дольше ...” – Игорь Шугалеев – 

“The performance served as a trigger to bring back my condition in August 2020: I experienced anger, resentment, fear because my helplessness in the context of the protest movement. Oddly enough, powerful emotional experience shifts the attention and the focus away from physical suffering and helps you endure longer.” – Igor Shugaleev – 

“... Ja pierdolę! Co ja tutaj robię? Cierpię za kogoś, cierpię za miliony? Czy to właśnie Mickiewicz i ten romantyczny duch jest tym, co nas łączy? Oczywiście to jest tak i też tak nie jest. Robimy tu coś jak rytuał (?), działanie magiczne (?), ale choć jesteśmy w pewnym rodzaju symulacji, ból jest prawdziwym fizycznym odczuciem w ciele. To jest dla mnie ciekawe ...” – Pavel Korbus – 

“Fucking hell! What am I doing here? Am I suffering for someone else, suffering for millions? Are Mickiewicz and the spirit of romanticism what we have in common? Obviously they are and they are not at the same time. What we’re doing here resembles a ritual (?), or an act of magic (?). But even though we are in a kind of simulation, the pain is a genuine bodily experience. This is what I find interesting.” – Pavel Korbus – 


Andrzej Witczak

Organizers and partners:

The performance was shown at the residency which lasted from 5 to 15 February 2021.
The residence was supported by BCSF / Belarusian Culture Solidarity Foundation,
Cultural foundation Klub Storrady and Gravedigger House in Szczecin, Poland