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4 performance:

Work in progress. Fourth try


April 13, 2021. Duration: 80 min.


Neue Nachbarschaft // Moabit (Berlin, Germany)


Anna Limontava


The fourth performance also took place in the basement of the Neue Nachbarschaft // Moabit culture center as part of a ten-day residency in Berlin. In addition to the project team, there were five spectators in the room. For the first time, a Russian-German interpreter was involved. The opening, introductory part lasted almost twenty minutes, during which the performer brought the audience to context. There was an important feature of this particular performance:   Anna Limontova, an interpreter, who suffered from the terror of the Belarusian authorities, enriched the translation with the stories of her own experience. The performer took a “Stretched” position and held it for an hour. He stood facing the glass, and the audience saw the screen through the glass, could walk around the performer, and, if desired, see his face.  The timer was projected on the side, so the performer couldn’t see the remaining time. Experiencing the scene, sympathizing, at some point, the audience started a dialogue with the performer - it helped him to endure this hour more easily. The interpreter took an active part in the conversation: she was the only one sitting with her back turned to the scene. At the end of the hour, the performer admitted he was greatly surprised by the fact how unexpectedly quickly the hour ran. After all, there was a discussion. The whole team emphasized that the main component of this performance was based on the interpreter-partner.


“Perhaps it was the easiest performance: I felt the great participation of the audience, the atmosphere of caring for me. The spectators got in the questioning game, started by Anya Limontova (a question about my favorite color), and they tried to comfort me with conversations. I felt the strength to continue the project, confidence in its importance” – Igor Shugaleev – 

“I also had to stand in a “Stretched” position…” – the interpreter Anna Limontova’s confession during the performance – 

“I didn't want Igor to take that position/ All the time I was thinking about the way to help him” – Jorg, spectator – 

Organizers and partners:

The performance was shown at the residency which lasted from 6 to 15 April 2021 in the Neue Nachbarschaft // Moabit (Berlin, Germany)