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6 performance:



July 24, 2021. Duration: 90 min.


Klub Storrady (Szczecin, Poland)


Marina Dashuk


This time the lecture took a place in a separate room and lasted for 25 minutes. Marina Dashuk participated as a Polish-Russian interpreter. After the lecture, a specially designed countdown timer with the sound of a ticking clock was displayed on the screen in the lecture room. The performance itself took place in a nearby space, where the performer took a kneeling pose with his forehead on the floor for one hour. From the first seconds, one of the spectators joined him for five minutes, he was replaced by a female spectator for 15 minutes. After that, she took the hands of the performer in such a way so she can take part of the weight on herself. She remained for five minutes - they were talking all that time. Later, one of the viewers recalled the experience of the Stasi and punitive practices in different countries. After the performance, there was a discussion for 12 minutes, during which viewer Roman Bogush spoke about his experience of detention and demonstrated a squatting position facing the wall with his hands behind his head, in which he was held for 2 hours before the protocol was drawn up. He was beaten by enforcement officials for any movement or sound.


Roman Bogush