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Ich heiße Frau Troffea

Autobiographical monoperformance-manifesto

Idea, director, text: Sergey Shabohin
Idea, performing: Igor Shugaleev

Choreographer: Agnieszka Kryst

Music: Mikita Bubashkin 

DOP, video editing: Aleksandra Kononchenko
Light, sound, video: Olgierd Dobraszak, Tomasz Jozwin
Producer: Marina Dashuk

Subtitles (BY): Yania Arlova
Subtitles (PL): Maria Pushkina
Subtitles (ENG): Sara Tokina
Subtitles (DE): Yaraslava Ananka, Heinrich Kirschbaum

Duration: 40 min

Project production: KALEKTAR
Coproduction:  Nowy Teatr in Warsaw


Thanks: Karolina Ochab, Piotr Gruszczyński, JunОst in Bayern, Prague Pride, Honza Malik

St Vitus' dance (Wikipedia)

A week before Mary Magdalene Festival in 1518, Frau Troffea left ︎ her house through the courtyard and, unexpectedly for herself, began to dance frantically in one of the narrow Strasbourg streets. She danced all day and late into the evening, and even all night long. On the third day of this crazy dancing, she was at the stage of extreme exhaustion, shoes soaked in blood, ︎ but she could not stop. Finally, her contagious dance swept through the city, causing a dance epidemic that brought about many victims. ︎

Diving into Frau Troffea’s story, the performer talks about his own experience of traumatic obsession and ︎ relentless search for freedom that seems painful and fatal. Through the shock caused by separation from his home and his past, absorbed by his forced emigration from Belarus and the search for himself, he dissolves completely in the attractive Berlin rave culture. The magnetism of techno brings in the ︎ external and internal transformation of the party-goer: the new freedom of communication and movement he experiences under significant dopings-driven stress.This action, both physiological and poetic, ︎ reveals various artistic dimensions. Through ︎ intense body ceremony, a story of an entire country's disease and the obsessive search for the cure of freedom is told.