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Ich heiße Frau Troffea

Mono-performance by Igor Shugaleev

Directing & performing: Igor Shugaleev / Music: Ales Tsurko / Visual: Aleksandra Kononchenko / Manager: Marina Dashuk / Duration: 50 min / Premiere: 17.11.2019, Minsk, Belarus / 

St Vitus' dance (Wikipedia)

A week before the festival of Mary Magdalene, in 1518, in one of the narrow streets of the city of Strasbourg, Frau Toffea left her house in the courtyard and, unexpectedly for herself, began to dance frantically.

She danced all day until late in the evening, until she collapsed to the ground and fell asleep, but even in a dream her muscles twitched, as if continuing a dance. When Frau woke up, she began her bizarre dance again.

On the third day of crazy dancing, her shoes were soaked in blood, she was at the stage of extreme exhaustion, but could not stop.

In the performance, the author and performer explore the phenomenon of Rave and Techno in a different cultural context, paying particular attention to the external and internal transformations of the party supporter: as a rule, this new freedom of communication and movement in a seam is a significant stress that the body experiences under the influence of doping. Speeding up in speed, the performer loses and gains the quality of movements, observes the reaction of the body, captures critical indicators of the heartbeat. This Performance is a game of spontaneity and structurality that takes place under a live DJ set.