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Selected Theater Roles:

2021, Zuhören – In B
Theater: Sasha Waltz & Guests, Berlin
Role: Performer

2021, 37509082334. The body you are calling is currenly not available
Idea, performer: Igor Shugaleev
Independent project, Belarus

2020, The Sources of Light
Director: Alexander Marchenko
Theater: TOKtreatre, Minsk
Role: Jabberwocky

2019, solo performance Ich heiße Frau Troffea
Idea, performer: Igor Shugaleev
Independent project, Minsk

2016, dance performance Vasen-Extesen
Director: Olga Labovkina
Theater: Karakuli dance theatre, Minsk

2015, The Last Ardent Lover
Director: Vladimir Kozichev
Theater: Belarusian Army Drama Theatre, Minsk
Role: Barney Cashman

2013, Latent Men
Director: Eugene Korniag
Theater: KorniagTHEATRE, Minsk

2012, The Government Inspector
Director: Marina Dudareva
Theater: Belarusian Army Drama Theatre, Minsk
Role: Zemlyanika

Selected movie roles:

2020, movie trailer Eto Nash Sekret
Director: Nella Agrenich
Production: Author’s project, Belarus
Role: Maksim, main character

2018, movie almanac Vojna. Ostat'sya chelovekom
(novella Budnij den')
Director: Ekaterina Tarasova
Production: Belarusfilm, Belarus
Role: Semen, main character

2017, feature film Nashla Kosa na Kamen'
Director: Anya Kajs
Production: Russia
Role: Sprut, episode

2017, short film We Can Only Love
Director: Nastas'ya Vasilisa
Production: independent project, Belarus
Main role: human

2015, TV series Obratnaya Storona Luny-2
Director: Aleksandr Kott
Production: film company “Slovo” by the order of the film company “Sreda”, Russia
Role: criminalist, episode

Selected roles in the clips:

2020, Push'n’Pull music band: Davaj Pomozhem! 
Production: DorogaProduction, Belarus
Director: Mikita Kostochko
Role: Ace Ventura, main role

2019, LSP music band: Paren' s Bloka
Production: Belarus
Director: Egor Knyaz
Role: Igorek, supporting role

2019, Drezden music band: Koaly Production: Belarus
Director: Karolina Polyakova
The main role

2016, music video Roleksy Noggano
Production: PartizanProduction
Director: Aleksej Satolin
Role: episode

Voice acting:

2019, animated cartoon Chartapaloh
Director: Evgenij Nadtochej
Production: Belarusfilm
Main role: Yanka